Longbridge Methodist Church

Newsletter 18/07/2021

28 Jul 2021 • General news

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This newsletter covers Sundays 18th and 25th July 2021

WORSHIP TODAY - SUNDAY, 18th July 2021

11.00 a.m.   Church Anniversary. Preacher: Rev Neil Johnson

No Evening Service.

WORSHIP ON SUNDAY, 25th July 2021

11.00 a.m.    Communion Service led by Rev Phil Hoar

No Evening Service

For those who are unable to come to church, you can join on Zoom, details as follows:


Meeting id: 8261176070Passcode: 1654

Telephone access:0203 051 2874, 0203 481 5237 or 0203 481 5240.



25th July- In memory of Joan and Alfred Pickering, parents of Janet Walsh



The government is lifting all legal restrictions on COVID-19 protocols from July 19th. However, we ask our congregation to continue to observe some of the Covid-19 protocols i.e. wearing of face covering, use of hand sanitizer (provided) and social distancing, although we will now reduce the social distancing to 1.0 meter plus. Please follow the instructions of the Stewards.

We await confirmation from the Methodist Church that we can resume community singing after 19th July.



Greetings and a warm welcome to LMC.

I am humbled to join you in celebrating the 54th anniversary of the building of our present church. We thank our heavenly Father taking us this far. As we rejoice and thank God for this milestone, let us know that church is more than just a building but a place of welcome, prayer, fellowship, love, care and support. It is also a time for us to celebrate the life and witness of all who have gone before us and those who serve today.

I encourage you to have a culture of discipleship and soul winning. This will lead to the growth of our church spiritually and numerically bearing in mind that growing might mean developing something existing, or starting something new.

This building is a physical testimony to our physical encounter with God. It is a physical reminder of our collective faith history. This building keeps our memories alive. It also provides the opportunity for us to thank God for taking us this far. It offers a time of assessment to determine whether its members are maturing and becoming more Christlike and whether all areas of the church are working properly as they advance the causes of Christ.

We thank God for providing this holy place for us to worship His name, bring our prayers, confess our sins and find His presence. We thank God Almighty for inspiring those who came before us with a vision to build and the means to accomplish it.

May this place empower us to hear God’s word, grow in faith and be challenging Mission while we keep our focus on Jesus. Congratulations once more.


SUNDAY OFFERING   Please place your offering in the plate provided at the exit as you leave after the service. Those who are able to may give their offering on line directly into the church account: Sort Code 403807, account no 51375369, Bank HSBC

MEMORIAL BOOK    The memorial book cabinet is now situated by the chapel door in the foyer. The book was updated last November so if you would like to view an entry, please speak to Elisabeth Osborn.


METHODIST HOMES    A total of £184.75 was sent after the recent collection for Methodist Homes.

RE-OPENING     We are proceeding cautiously to re-open some of our activities after 19th July. The Day Centre hopes to re-start soon after and we are working with some of our user groups to re-start their activities in a safe manner.

St MODWEN’S DEVELOPMENT    An outline planning application has been made for up to 395 homes and landscaping along the River Rea on the Longbridge West Works site almost opposite the church. Find out more at www.regeneratinglongbridge.co.uk or make comments on 0800 298 7040.